Why Invest In Enamel Coated Cast Iron Cookware

Date Added: November 07, 2016 01:57:17 PM
Author: NottinghamVentures
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When you think of cast iron cookware, you may think of the matte black finish on heavy pots and pans that you use cooking in a fireplace or over an open campfire. Enamel coated cast iron cookware brings the long time features of cooking with cast iron into today’s kitchen. These features include colorful, contemporary sizes and shapes, healthier meals and cooking ease and clean up. Enamel coated cast iron cookware is an excellent conductor of heat. As a result, it does not produce hot spots and foods will brown evenly. With enamel cast iron, the sides, bottom and lids retain heat resulting in totally even heating. It is very energy efficient. Because the enamel coating seals the surface, moisture is retained and liquid stays in the food. This enhances flavor and tenderness. Whether you want to bake, roast, sear, brown or blacken enamel coated cast iron is perfect for all these uses. Enamel cast iron is well suited for lower heat for browning and high temperatures for searing or blackening. These pots, pans, skillets, Dutch ovens all have smooth bottoms and are suitable for all types of range tops and any type of range or oven…gas, electric, induction. This cookware may be used in your oven with temperatures as high as 450*F. If you are already using ‘traditional’ cast iron cookware, enamel coated cast iron has some added advantages. First, it doesn’t need to be seasoned. With traditional cast iron cookware, you should avoid using it for acidic foods like tomato sauces or chili. The acidity has potential to damage the cast iron’s seasoning and potentially allow iron and other metals to seep into the food. These are not problems with enamel coated cast iron. Second, the smooth enamel coating prevents food from sticking and makes clean up much easier and eliminates any worry about rust. On the topic of easier clean up…some tips on caring for your enamel cast iron cookware: While enamel cookware is normally dishwasher safe, hand cleaning is recommended. It helps preserve the cookware’s original appearance. Don’t use steel wool or other abrasive type pads. Nylon pads or soft scrapers are best. Let the hot pot or pan cool before putting it into water for washing. The temperature shock of a hot pot in cooler water could cause cracking. Today’s kitchens are frequently a gathering space during parties or informal get-togethers. This cookware comes in a variety of contemporary shapes, styles and colors. The shiny luster and look adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen décor. This attractive look allows you to take the meal from oven or stove directly to the table. A friendly reminder to use a trivet to prevent scorching your table. Cast iron also retains food temperature longer. If you enjoy preparing your meals with traditional cast iron cookware, then you can enhance your enjoyment using cast iron with an enamel coating. Cook your best with pots, pans and skillets that are durable, rust resistant and very stylish. Visit my website@ EnamelCookwarePlus.com for a quality selection of enamel coated cast iron cookware.

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