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Date Added: February 15, 2016 01:17:06 PM
Author: Roxana Raducanu
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Persistence and passion can unexpectedly turn designing skills from basic to advanced, whether one ventures into the world of graphics out of passion for drawing or merely out of curiosity. Steadily and constantly exercising and playing with the wide range of design tools available out there improves one’s ability up to a point where you can start earning a decent penny. You do not need to be a well-known artist in order to get paid. There are actually several other ways to start cashing in, if you set your mind to it. Among the most marketable subclasses of graphic design one could count: fonts, vectors, color switches and gradients, design elements without background and so on. Let’s just explore the possibilities more thoroughly. FONTS Fonts are always underestimated in graphic design, at least in the beginning of the learning curve. This happens until the amateur designer discovers their versatility. Beside telling the story or being able to be converted to vectors by a click of a button, fonts can look really cool inside a typographic design, if you know what you’re doing. If your handwriting looks good and you have always been receiving compliments on your calligraphy, you should keep in mind that designing new fonts can be very productive. MyFonts or Linotype are two well-known “font markets” where you may start your adventure. VECTORS Vectors have always been among of the best sold design elements. These scalable, great design ingredients just won’t lose quality, no matter how hard they are stretched. Spectacular results can be achieved if they are incorporated into regular raster graphics. Lots of amateur or professional designers buy them online these days so, if you love creating vectors, you could also sell them. Huge market places like Shutterstock, Fotolia or IStockPhoto should easily get you on your way. COLORS It is the only design element which can be combined or applied to all the other components. Color switches and gradients bring an impressive visual punch to any finished design work. Studying, understanding and applying colors is something you can actually use to build your career or earn a decent living. From painting to interior design, color is a great thing to master. Build up a solid collection of color variations, archive it and upload it on the major graphic marketplaces. Providing you are good, you might be surprised of the results. BACKGROUND REMOVALS In case you don’t remember the humble beginnings, learning to master the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop can be a burden. Tracing those perfect lines around the contour of an object is time consuming and frustrating if you don’t get it right. The more points you add to your line, the more complex and realistic the results can be. Unfortunately this is the best way to remove backgrounds or cut off items from picture sources. Imagine using the pen tool in order to cut off the long hair of a woman from a high quality photo source. You will surely lose hours to get it right and patience is the exact reason people are willing to pay for nice collections of perfectly cut off objects. Take your time and build a small portfolio with the most difficult-to-cut objects, upload them on notorious graphic design websites and start cashing in. In case you are missing the high level of creativity required to succeed as a notorious graphic designer such as the team from Tech Help Canada (, just offer the most useful design elements to others. The money will surely come, providing that you are investing time and dedication into this trade.

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